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Protein in sports nutrition

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Types of proteins in sports nutrition. How to use protein?
This article will cover the topic of sports nutrition. For a long time, people argue about the benefits of this product. As a comparison, they cite the benefits of a protein or protein, without realizing that it is practically the same. Let’s put it all together.

Protein or protein


With active sports, in particular muscle building, a person resorts to the help of additional enrichment of his body with protein, which is included in most products of our diet. Naturally, by the usual absorption of food it is impossible to saturate the body with this substance. Therefore, a formula was developed to create sports nutrition based on natural products. The protagonist of the mixture is Magnum Bold 10 ampoules 300mg/ml. However, this name scares beginner lovers of the variety. They prefer to consume protein, not suspecting that it is one and the same component.

Varieties of protein

Protein sports nutrition is inherently an independent product. But it can be distinguished from various components. The benefits of their use will be the same. Here are some examples of varieties of protein.

Egg – is a standard among other types of protein-containing products. It surpasses all other supplements in sales in the sports nutrition market. The composition of the amino acids that break down body fat is so perfect that there is no need to drink a dozen raw chicken eggs. Moreover, the yolk must be separated from the protein yourself. It carries in the body surpluses of fats that load our liver. If you go to the numbers, for the daily norm of protein in the body you need to eat 10 chicken eggs. In monetary terms, it will turn out cheaper, but the result will be slowed down due to slow absorption by the walls of the stomach. Therefore, we put protein in the first place. Egg protein makes an excellent protein shake.

Casein is a delayed-action protein mixture. It is absorbed for a very long time. Reception hours should be moved to the evening, just before bedtime. In the daytime, it can be used to suppress appetite. It is wary of this supplement to athletes who have problems with poor lactose tolerance.

Soy – has a very low quality. If possible, you should avoid taking it, since there is no benefit for either losing weight or health. Manufacturers of sports nutrition of a low price category are trying as much as possible to add this particular protein to the package due to its cheapness. There is a very small amount of BCAA in soya; methionine is practically absent. It is absorbed very slowly and produces excess insulin. The phytoestrogens present in the composition interfere with the full synthesis of muscle tissue. When buying sports nutrition, avoid as part of this supplement.

Hemp – a protein mixture is slightly higher in quality than soy protein. In the manufacture of this product, hemp seeds are taken, containing hemp oil and fatty acids in addition to protein. In turn, carbohydrates help monitor cholesterol levels. They have a positive effect on the walls of the stomach and intestinal microflora. If you have a choice between soy and hemp supplements, buy the latter.

Whey – taken from the basis of dairy products, in particular, from the development of the production of quality cheeses. This type of supplement to sports nutrition brings with it many additional trace elements involved in the synthesis of hormonal enzymes. This type of protein can be divided into several groups, since it is a component of three types. This is a concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate. Of course, the benefits for the body are the same, although the concentrate has a quality lower than the rest. But he has no equal in restoring the gaps in saturation of the body. Let’s consider in more detail:

  1. Isolate is the most common and expensive species. The high price justifies itself with a high protein content in the composition – 90%. When used in sports nutrition, it has a huge plus. In addition to the main task, it acts as a defender of the body from incoming fats and carbohydrates. The effect is achieved if you take the supplement immediately after training.
  2. Hydrolyzate – from whey proteins has the highest degree of purification. The protein content goes over 90%. The cost of the supplement is not low. But it is necessary for the complete restoration of muscle tissue after playing sports. Due to the rapid absorption in the body, it can produce excess insulin. Thus, slowing down the process of splitting fat.
  3. Concentrate – contains less protein, about 70 – 80%. And the price is lower than other supplements. Before training, it is pointless to use this mixture. She serves as a good helper in between meals. If it is not possible to follow a food intake schedule, this is exactly what you need.

How to consume protein



Proteins of rapid absorption by the body must be mixed in a water base, preferably in plain water. If the body without pleasure takes protein for sports nutrition, you can dissolve the contents in juices. These proteins will bring good results when building muscle, if you use them in the morning. It will be useful at the end of the workout to immediately take protein for sports nutrition. If the priority is to get rid of accumulated fat or work on the relief of muscles, it would be logical to use hydrolyzate as an additive. With a good metabolism, an isolate is also suitable. At one time, you can consume 40 grams of protein, without causing harm to health. A large dose is unlikely to be absorbed, but the kidneys will not be sweet. In a day, 3 – 4 servings of this supplement will sufficiently fill the body with useful properties. But remember thathalf of the protein intake you should get from a complete diet.

Delayed proteins are recommended to be mixed with dairy products. This will bring a good effect when absorbed by the body. Milk will help to synthesize protein, increasing its quality. Adipose tissue will be burned at a lower level of insulin. The use of this type of sports supplements is desirable at night or a couple of hours before training. The dosage is 30 grams 3 times a day.

It is important! In order not to harm the body and not provoke side effects – observe the daily protein intake.

Is protein harmful?


Any product in unlimited quantities can cause harm or malfunction of our body. Firstly, a protein can be of different quality and is aimed at various functions. Do not buy very cheap varieties of sports nutrition. If we talk about a quality product, then you should not be afraid of any harm. In fact, these are the same products from our diet, only in a different form (dry or as a bar).

Of course, there are times where protein plays a negative role. An overdose can lead to negative consequences:

  1. The digestive system begins to suffer.
  2. The kidneys work for wear.
  3. The body prematurely ages.
  4. Often signs of anemia.
  5. Muscle weakness.
  6. Lowering blood sugar.
  7. Unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, flatulence.

The above side effects arise from neglect of the instructions for the use of sports nutrition. Observing all the rules for taking protein, you will feel healthy and alert.

Protein Rich Foods

If you want to saturate the body with this element, avoiding the mixture for sports nutrition, you can extract them from products included in the usual diet. It is worth highlighting some of them:

  1. Low-fat meats (beef, steaks).
  2. Chicken breast (filet).
  3. Rabbit meat.
  4. Venison.